First sentence?

It seems I can now say that Bibi has started putting sentences together, well, sort of… In fact it’s been a while now that every now and then she would put two words together like „Daddy” and „nie ma”, but she only seems to do it when we have asked for clarification of her frequent „nie ma”, „nie ma”. „What is it that’s not here?” as we tend to ask.

But yesterday she was talking to Dolly (yes, talking to Dolly… that’s actually something new too, which I have only noticed in the last two or three days) and she very definitely put two words together of her own accord. „Patrz dog” she said to Dolly as she very was showing her our Dog Book. Well, these were the two words that I made out of the gobbledygook, which must have been comprehensible only to Dolly. So Bibi is already codeswitching as she utters her first sentence 🙂 How sweet!

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