Wordcount at 18 months

It’s always exciting when we hear Bibi say a new word and I would love to keep an exact list of all Bibi’s words as long as possible but I feel that even at this stage there may be words that I don’t know about. I’m quite confident that the I created over a month ago was accurate but I realise that adding to it won’t be as easy as I expected.

In the last few weeks Bibi has been using more English words and they include











wet wipe



and these we hear every day.

When it comes to Polish she has also taken to to saying

lala instead of doll



and my sister says she has said mleko a couple of times.

I think there may well be more Polish words she says at her nursery but the teachers aren’t always able to notice them.

In terms of Bibi’s understanding she appears to understand everything we use say at home, i.e. she can follow all instructions we give her (if we she wants to of course!) such as put this away, put this back, put it in Bibi’s room, in mummy’s and daddy’s bedroom, go and get a book, we’re going for a walk, blow your nose, where are  Bibi’s trousers etc.  She can even understand certain things when we talk to each other and need to be really careful not to mention chocolate or bath time as she’ll insist on having it!

We are told by the nursery teachers that she can understand everything they say to her, though I know from my brorher that this isn’t always the case. He told us for example when he was baby sitting two days ago that she only understands „blow your nose” in English. But it will be interesting to see whether now that she’s starting full time at nursery her Polish will become stronger than her English.

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