Can I have some more goo, please?

At the end of January Christmas lunch is probably a distant memory for most but I can’t help but remember it every time we have anything remotely resembling a roast. We wanted to have a change from turkey last Christmas and treated ourselves to a delicious roast goose. Bibi loved it, she had loads – in fact probably far too much for ger age, but as it she very quickly learn what proved to be a very useful new word we felt we coulndn’t really deny it. She kept signing „more” and saying „goo”. It was hilarious but made her request very clear.

She now uses the the word „goo” to refer to any form of a roast bird – we’ve had a duck, roast chicken and roast chicken thighs on several occassions since since and every time Bibi saw it she said „goo”. It’s so sweet I feel I can’t really tell her that it’s not goose but I don’t know how much longer we should go on pretending we’re eating goose when it’s actually chicken. I guess we’ll have to tell her at some point.

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