The natural communicator

I know it’s all completely natural but I’m often amazed by BiBi’s need to communicate and her ability to use linguistic (or non-linguistic) tools she already has to convey a new or a different meaning. The use of overextensions seems to be one of them.

Her favourite one at the moment is „pa pa” when she means „to go outside”, „walk” etc, which both would make sense to anybody, but also „work”. In her little world the word „work” is probably only used when Daddy goes to work and we say „pa pa” and wave out the window. Whenever she mentions Daddy later in the day (di-da, as she calls him) I normally say „Daddy is at work” to which she nods and says „pa pa, pa pa”.

But even before she was able to say anything and was communicating only by using signs (well,  crying and screaming as well) she did exactly the same thing. In fact the „pa pa” sign also meant „Daddy”, as I deliberately didn’t introduce sings for daddy and mummy hoping that she may be able to say these words sooner.  Every time I said „Daddy is at work”, or „Daddy will be home soon”, or when she heard somebody open the door whe got very excited and waved her hand.

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