The first word

We’ve heard a lot about the hear-melting first utterances of „mama” and „dada” that you may hear from toddler at about 11-12 months. And how these should of course be your child’s first words. Well, wasn’t the case with BiBi. Yes, she started saying”mama” and „dada” quite early on. Sometimes it was only „dada” for a few days, sometimes „mama”, and other times these were just some of the most borring syllables in what sounded like strings of increadibly complex sentences full of abstract ideas.

Still, BiBis first proper word, uttered repeatedly with full understanding and in the right context was „papa” (bye bye) and she said it soon after her first birthday. This isn’t at all surprising as for a long time we didn’t refer to ourselves as „mummy” and „daddy”, and „papa” is a word she has probably heard used most often and is easy to repeat. We both say „papa” instead of „bye bye”, we always say it in the morning when Daddy goes to work, it’s used at nursery and this is what I normally say at the end of a telephone conversation with a friend.

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