A favourite word

Isn’t it great when your child meets all the milestones in a development chart just as she should? Even when they are things that you may dread as a parent. BiBi has recently met one of her 15-month development milestones as listed on BabyCentre and adopted „no” as her favourite word. Great! But what I find particularly interesting is that she says it in Polish and we here „nie” as the answer to most of our questions or suggestions. This comes as a vocal addition to her shaking her head, which she’s been doing since she was 9 months old.

This, more than anything so far, makes me think about the influence of the environment and peers on the child’s development even at such early stage. We both speak English to her but she’s been going to a Polish nursery since she was 7 months. Initially it was only a couple of hours three times a week, though we have increased it to what amounts roughly to three full days a week in the last three months. On top of that she can obviously hear me speak Polish to a lot of my friends or when we go shopping or to the playground. But I doubt I say „nie” that often!

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